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Corona uitvraag

Special quality marks during corona

In order to provide campers who are looking for a campsite with some clarity regarding the coronavirus measures at your campsite, and to show whether or not your campsite is maintaining more flexible terms and conditions, the ANWB has developed two unique quality marks. These quality marks will be placed on your campsite page at after the registration. You can also download these quality marks in order to be able to place them on your own website.

A total of 95% of Dutch campers visits when searching for a suitable camping holiday, and in this way, we can show campers straight away that you are taking steps with regard to the coronavirus.

Quality mark 1: Special coronavirus measures 
Let campers know through this quality mark that you are adhering to the measures /restrictions at your campsite that have been set by the relevant safety region.
  • You have opened for business whilst adhering to the applicable restrictions in your safety region;
  • You have implemented extra measures with regard to hygiene to prevent the spread of the coronavirus.
Quality mark 2: Special coronavirus terms and conditions 
Let campers know through this quality mark that you maintain more flexible terms and conditions, which eliminates a lot of the worries associated with making a reservation. The terms and conditions that we advise for this unique quality mark are:
  • No deposit on the reservation;
  • Free cancellation and/or free amendments to bookings, up until 7 days before arrival
Via this form you can register for one or both special quality marks. After registering you can download the marks.